ozlo EP

by ozlo

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Jess Schmid - guitar/vox
Tallie Hausser - bass/vox
Joren Carlson- drums

Mixed + Mastered by
Seth Rosenau

Recorded in Shillman by
Andrew Gifford

Assistant engineers:
Austin Fernandez
Mike Orent
Steven Moran

Album Art by Katharine Quain


released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


ozlo Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Molasses
i dreamed the government listened to me
i have always been braver with my eyes closed

never crossing the line
three steps back for your safety

who is thinking for you who's your news?
cut and paste for brains

the truth never got us excited about our future
what's the use in knowing anything?

never crossing the line
you know it's only for your safety
you heard i was crossing the line
ran through fire to restrain me
Track Name: Desert Song
unpack your things then change your mind
don't count on me to keep you inside
i don't mind

you made us waste this beautiful day
explaining to you why i showed up late

i won't attend the party
you dropped a bomb on me just to keep things exciting
i'll send a parting gift i won't attend the party
is it a bomb or isn't it?

i don't mind
taking the blame
Track Name: Headaches
i can't make things right
i can't make them anything
staying up all night
coming up with alibis
to try and feel alright
ignoring the headlines
freedom to be fine with closing my eyes

squeaky wheels on a life long drive
i've had a headache since '09
bumpy roads drowning out the radio

it wasn't saying anything
kids stay up all night
memorizing alibis
they've never been alright
the headlines got em terrified
freedom to be fine playing inside

wonder how or why your wheels rust
cause it never rains at your house
Track Name: Evan
you're done singing for me
what a shame
never looked excited anyway

foolish thinking i know what you think
or what's to blame
free to let me down
you don't owe me anything

come clean if you're dying to leave
i know that you're stressed out
free to let me down
i don't need your company

call it quits if you got nothing left to say
Track Name: Call the Police
i tried looking up but the sun burned my face
i tried calming down but you keep getting in my face
i tried being me but they never wanted that
i know i shouldn't care so i don't care

i'm not leaving til i feel clean on the inside
if i start screaming will they laugh or call the police?
i cause trouble when i'm acting
cause i lose myself

wake up early always running late
good night, good morning different times each day
i cant get my sleeping patterns straight
i can't get my patterns straight